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By nature, brands are dynamic. Everything you do and say, is either brand enhancing or brand damaging. At REBEL, we inspire your people to become "on brand" brand champions, which leads to breakthroughs in becoming a respected, more valued and premium brand. 

Breakthrough Brands are real and genuine; they need to be carefully managed as your most valuable internal and external asset. Maybe Brands need confidence to become premium brands. Letdown Brands need clarity to thrive. Loser Brands can admit their defeat and move on.




"give me more!"

When brands commit to a real and genuine bold promise, then create an experience that brings that promise to life – two things happen. First, the brand speaks to and attracts only the people who are going to value it; and secondly, the transformation is from "just another brand" to a premium asset.



"real potential"

Most companies, organizations, destinations, products, services and personal brands deliver a maybe experience – most of the time. These brands are real, genuine and charismatic, yet they lack the clarity and confidence to focus on one bold promise that people will value. The result: lack of momentum.



"simple bribery"

Many people are cautious when a brand is deeply discounted. Loser brands rely on bribery, like two-for-one specials, time-sensitive offers and generic packaging. When the promise fails, we quickly learn to avoid these brands in the future. The result: loser brands are the first to drop out of the market.



"false promises"

We experience a letdown when something is over-priced, over-promised or over-promoted – then falls short. Letdown brands are manipulative and aggressive. The result: most people will automatically reject these brands in the future and go out of their way to share their brand-damaging experience.

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