The mission was to promote culture throughout Nebraska.

The challenge was getting people to understand what, exactly, they less than three paragraphs.

As the private partner in a public private partnership with the state of Nebraska, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment promotes culture throughout Nebraska by supporting the arts and humanities. 

Part of the battle was truly understanding who they are, and we were determined to help bring their brand soul to light. The process began with background research, interviewing the Nebraska Cultural Endowment's community about the challenges and opportunities the organization faces and what the future might hold. The branding workshop offered the opportunity to dive even deeper into what their passions and values are and how they want to be perceived tomorrow. During a creative Think Tank, the endowment's breakthrough brand surfaced: Arts + Humanities = LivelihoodBecause the arts and humanities are more than just the interesting, cultural things we want to be a part of our lives. They're our livelihood.

And just like that, the once complex was simplified into one word that explained it all.

Today, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment is working to increase visibility and engage Nebraskans in their cause. We've partnered with the organization in their quest, helping to bring their brand to life through mediums like social media, collateral print materials, and video.


We are the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and our mission is simple: to ensure lifelong cultural experiences across Nebraska through funding the arts and humanities. We're passionate about the arts and humanities—from theater to music to art to dance to anthropology to linguistics—because they enrich our way of life.

What's your Livelihood?