Global brand Travelex needed some marketing and sales support.

They wanted a cohesive concept that clearly demonstrated their value proposition to be brought to life through a brand video, sales presentation, and proposal template.

To their customers in the travel industry, Travelex truly is the "x" factor, taking sales from ordinary to extraordinary by offering travel insurance protection as a value-added service. It's for these reasons we loved the campaign concept, "Travelex: We're Your ExFactor," which also plays on the "ex" in "Travelex." 

The first step in the process was creating the look and voice of the campaign since they would be consistent throughout all of the pieces. Then the materials needed to be created in such a way that Travelex would be able to easily customize them for specific customers and specific needs.

The result was a sharp sales campaign with a strong concept, vibrant look, and consistent voice that speaks volumes to Travelex's customers and supports their brand strengths: experienced people, exceptional customer care, and extra profits.



 To their customers, a partnership with Travelex will transform sales from ordinary to extraordinary. The result is that Travelex is their ExFactor; or the competitive edge that combines experienced people, exceptional customer care, and extra profits into one comprehensive package.