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By MJ McBride

For 16 years, REBEL INTERACTIVE has been helping companies align their people, culture and vision. To turn an organization's focus internally, we often pull out a simple chart to illustrate the four personal brand types among employees. Learn how to spot these employee brand types in your organization - and whether they're helping or hurting your culture. 

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Drive Traffic, Automate Campaigns and Shorten Sales Cycles with REBEL ROI. In a world of digital assets, constantly evolving technology and lots of moving targets, it's easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. There are so many digital strategies out there it can leave even the savviest marketing department wondering what's working, and why?

That's why we designed REBEL Brand ROI programs to track and quantify your online brand performance, so you can just sit back and enjoy the breakthrough results. REBEL ROI programs include Visitor ID, SEO and Automation tools specifically designed to prove your brand's ROI and take the value of your digital assets to a whole new level.

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Without a soul, your brand may get lost from time to time. Brand Soul is what defines and distinguishes your brand's value in the marketplace.


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Brands can't thrive without having their identity and image aligned. Identity is how you view yourself internally; how your employees, leadership and everyone within your organization sees your brand. Image is how you are perceived externally; how your customers experience your brand.

When your identity and image don't match, it harms your brand's authenticity and cheapens your brand's value in the market. In this post, the REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding identify the most common causes of image and identity problems, and offer remedies to help you increase your brand's value.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must when it comes to promoting your online assets and digital brand. But there are so many SEO tips out there. To help you get a better handle on the matter, we asked our award-winning REBEL web developers to share their best advice.

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