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Brand Alignment Increases Your Brand’s Market Value

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Brand Alignment Increases Your Brand’s Market Value

Brands can't thrive without having their identity and image aligned. Identity is how you view yourself internally; how your employees, leadership and everyone within your organization sees your brand. Image is how you are perceived externally; how your customers experience your brand.

When your identity and image don't match, it harms your brand's authenticity and cheapens your brand's value in the market. In this post, the REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding identify the most common causes of image and identity problems, and offer remedies to help you increase your brand's value.


Causes of Image and Identity Breakdown

Your brand distinguishes you. When your brand identity and image are in alignment, it makes your brand authentic in the eyes of your entire team, and to your customers. Alignment allows you to be deliberate about how you deliver the brand experience.

Every time you deliver on your brand promise and create a unique experience for your customers, you add to your brand's value and increase customer loyalty. However, when your brand is fragmented, well, let's just say it costs you. That's when you know you have an image or identity breakdown.


How Do You Know if There's An Identity Problem?

Identity problems most commonly surface as an internal disconnect. Maybe communication between departments is unclear, or everyone in the company has a different way of talking about what it is that you do. You might not know how to succinctly define yourself to your customers. With an identity problem, you will likely hear grumblings from your team, such as:

"We don't know who we are."
"No one is on the same page."
"Everyone has a different message."
"Nothing is consistent. We are all over the place. "

If your brand does not resonate throughout your company, ask yourself:

  • Is there a clear and competitive vision for the future?
  • Are your people passionate about their work?
  • Are your core values alive and well in your culture? Do you have values?


How Do You Know if There's An Image Problem?

Image problems happen externally in the form of customer complaints that can magnify over time. If your brand is too generic, its perceived value is low and customers will move on for something more premium. If your brand's promise is bold, but inauthentic, the experience is a letdown that can be turned against you in the form of bad reviews. If you have an image problem, you might receive negative customer feedback, such as:

"I'll never buy from them again."
"They were great at sales, but couldn't deliver."
"I don't know how they stay in business."

If your brand isn't resonating the way you want with your customers, ask yourself:

  • Is your brand authentic; does it stem from your company's core values and vision?
  • Does your entire team know how to deliver on brand promise?
  • Is how you view your brand internally consistent with the brand experience you deliver to your customers?


How is Your Brand Performing Today?

If your brand is resonating with everyone in your company AND with your customers, congratulations! Your brand is authentic and in alignment. You are on your way to building a Breakthrough Brand.

If your brand doesn't strike the right chord with your internal or external audiences, it is likely performing in the Maybe, Letdown, or Loser Brand categories. 


Fix Identity + Image Problems with Authentic Brand Strategy

The long term remedy for an identity or image problem is authentic brand strategy. To be authentic, brand strategy involves a cross-section of your people. Getting everyone on board builds confidence and a unique culture around your brand. As a result, everyone in the organization sees themselves as a brand champion.

In a REBEL brand strategy workshop, your team works together to uncover the internal core values of your company. Through this process, you discover what REBEL calls your Brand Soul. The Brand Soul guides all efforts and gives you a road map for delivering on your authentic brand promise.

With a full-service digital branding agency to support you, the REBEL team helps you identify the gap between your organization's internal behaviors and communication, and the external experience you're delivering to customers. By closing this brand gap, you develop brand authenticity; the charismatic ingredient that increases the value of your Breakthrough Brand.


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