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Does Your Brand Have a Soul?

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Does Your Brand Have a Soul?

Without a soul, your brand may get lost from time to time. Brand Soul is what defines and distinguishes your brand's value in the marketplace.


What is a Brand Soul?

A Brand Soul is your brand's foundation and core identity. It is made up of three critical drivers that unite your identity and image: your people's passions, your culture's values, and your competitive vision for the future. These dynamic drivers are uniquely your own, and set your brand apart. All efforts stem from this collective brand story.

Your People's Passions

What do your people love? What drives you to do the work that you do? Your passions describe a common thread among the people of your organization.

Your Culture's Values

What is most sacred to your organization? What sets the bar and is something no one in your organization will stray from? Your values speak to the underlying culture and environment that allow your organization to thrive.

Your Competitive Vision for the Future

What goal or impact do you strive to make? What is the legacy you want to leave? Your organization's vision is the future you've created that inspires communities to value what you offer, over others.

What Makes A Brand Valuable?

Authentic brands are the most valuable brands! To be authentic, brands must align their identity and image. In other words, the internal and external promises you make should sync.

Defining your Brand Soul through a collaborative declaration of your passions, values and vision creates internal clarity and alignment, but it also leads to a culture shift that ignites internal brand-champions. Your leadership, management and talent become your greatest brand assets and naturally deliver on your brand promise.

The more clear you are internally, the more authentic your image becomes in the hearts and minds of your audiences. And the more valuable your brand becomes.

Building Brand Momentum

Once you've embraced your Brand Soul, you can deliberately maximize your branding efforts by creating a written brand agenda or map to define your upcoming branding initiatives. This also guides your internal and external brand-enhancing behaviors and communications.

Being deliberate in your efforts and authentically delivering on your brand promise builds brand momentum. Brand momentum builds customer loyalty, distinguishes your brand in the marketplace, and results in an exponential impact on your profits, sales leads and business growth.

It all stems from your unique and authentic Brand Soul.

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