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Get Exponential Results with REBEL Breakthrough Branding

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Get Exponential Results with  REBEL Breakthrough Branding

REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding have identified why many branding efforts never get the traction they deserve. REBEL uses a breakthrough methodology that solves this problem and turns ordinary brands into Breakthrough Brands.

Breakthrough Branding Creates Momentum

As a full-service digital branding agency, REBEL builds internal and external brand momentum through brand consulting, staff training, and the development of brand-enhancing campaigns and assets. Brand momentum builds culture, develops customer loyalty, distinguishes your brand in the marketplace, and delivers exponential leads, profits and growth.

Why Does Branding Matter?

Bottom line? Branding adds value. Premium brands are more valuable than generic ones. When we encounter brands, we quickly make choices about whether we will pursue them again and again, or actively avoid them in the future.

Branding is the vehicle that delivers experiences to your customers. That experience can be effective if your brand is authentic and you deliver on-promise. It can also be a letdown if your brand tries to be something it's not, or your delivery is less than promised.

How your customers value their experience with your brand determines if you're building an audience of raving fans, or a list of people who won't return.

The Impact of Breakthrough Branding

Premium or Breakthrough Brands are a cut above brands that fall into the Letdown, Loser or Maybe Brand categories. Breakthrough Brands enjoy:

  • Internal loyalty and ownership
  • Increased productivity and decision making
  • New business leads that value what the brand offers
  • Greater than average profits
  • Shortened sales cycles

REBEL as Your Branding Agency Partner

The goal of Breakthrough Branding is to build new brand loyalty with prospective customers who are most likely to value, purchase, and rave about the value of your brand.

Learn more about REBEL's Breakthrough Branding approach

Find Alignment Through REBEL Brand Strategy Workshops

Many companies don't have a brand strategy. Others have one, but make it the sole responsibility of the marketing department. Marketers are great at campaign strategies for specific markets, but breakthrough brand strategies have a much greater scope.

Breakthrough Brand strategies include a cross-section of your organization so your brand can be embraced organically. This builds confidence and a unique culture around your brand. When everyone on your team sees themselves as brand champions, the result is an internal breakthrough in company-wide communication, alignment and effectiveness.

Build Brand Momentum with REBEL Brand Management Programs

REBEL partners with all levels of your organization to build brand momentum through brand-enhancing assets: campaigns, websites, videos, social media, events and spaces. Together, we create and launch a breakthrough experience that enables your customers and prospects to become raving fans. REBEL Brand Management programs include:

Website Solutions

Custom web packages offer everything you and your customers prefer in an online solution. REBEL is a thought leader in open source technology, responsive website design and search engine optimization, as well as content management and social media integration.

Video Content

Branded video productions offer endless ways to tell your story and share your brand through sight, sound, motion and emotion.


REBEL offers full-service creative to develop and support your ongoing marketing efforts with brand-enhancing collateral. In-house agency services include: creative think tanks, events, environmental design, signage and media.

What Bottom Line Results Will I See From Branding?

Branding produces tangible and intangible results. REBEL's Breakthrough Branding methodology encompasses all areas of leadership, human resources, operations, sales and marketing to produce exponential results. On average, REBEL clients see 10 to 15 times the results of their investment when they commit to building Breakthrough Brand Momentum.
Breakthrough Branding Results In:

  • Internal alignment and excitement
  • Brand-enhancing behaviors and communications
  • Being known as the best in your industry and class
  • Raving brand fans who value your brand
  • Exponential visibility, profits and growth

See examples of REBEL's Featured Breakthrough Brands

Connect with the REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding

If you're ready to take your brand to the next level, connect with REBEL Thought Leaders today! We welcome the opportunity to consult with you on your path to Breakthrough Branding.

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