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How Breakthrough Branding™ Improves Visibility for Nonprofit Organizations

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How Breakthrough Branding™ Improves Visibility for Nonprofit Organizations

Many Nonprofits ask REBEL for help with telling their story: "How can we become more visible? Increase awareness for our cause? Find more donors?"

The REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding are passionate about helping organizations achieve these goals - and more - through the process of Breakthrough Branding™.


About REBEL Breakthrough Branding™

REBEL's proven Breakthrough Branding™ process helps Nonprofits achieve these exponential results:

  • Clarify your mission
  • Align your internal identity and external image
  • Build greater awareness and recognition of your work in the community
  • Improve motivation and productivity of staff and volunteers
  • Strengthen your network of community allies and referrals
  • Secure and sustain more funding from your donors

How Branding Works

Bottom line? Branding creates value and distinction in the eyes of your audiences.

Your brand distinguishes your organization by telling the unique story of what you do and how you do it. Most importantly, your brand illustrates the impact of the work you are doing and engages your supporters on an experiential level.

Building Brand Value

Branding is sometimes confused with short term advertising or marketing campaigns, which consist of placing ads or targeting specific markets. While the impact of these efforts is short-lived, branding is an ongoing approach with a much wider scope, encompassing everything your organization says and does.

Authenticity is the charismatic ingredient that helps you continually build your brand's value in the hearts and minds of your audiences. If your brand is carefully managed as your most valuable asset, it naturally enhances the sustainability of your organization.

About Our Digital Branding Agency

REBEL is a full-service digital branding agency ready to support you in developing and nurturing your authentic breakthrough brand. We are passionate about helping Nonprofits achieve breakthrough results!

REBEL's Agency Partnership Programs: 

  • Brand Strategy—Defining your brand.

When your internal brand strategy is clearly defined and authentic, your leadership, management and talent become your greatest brand assets and will naturally deliver on your brand promise.

  • Brand Management—Building your brand momentum.

REBEL builds brand momentum by developing and managing your brand-enhancing assets (sales automation, campaigns, media, websites, videos, social media, events and spaces).

  • Brand ROI—Proving your breakthrough results.

REBEL's Brand ROI programs include tools for SEO Watch and Promote, Visitor ID and Sales Automation, to be certain your branding efforts are producing breakthrough results.


Get in the Game - Attend This Year's Nonprofit Brand Huddle Workshop

Whether your organization has just joined the game, made it to halftime or you're working towards your first title, join us for this year's Nonprofit Brand Huddle.

REBEL Breakthrough Branding™ is an approach designed to keep even the pros on their toes. To stay in the game, all brands must continually look for ways to build and break through to the next level.

At this year's Nonprofit Brand Huddle, we'll address the unique branding challenges that organizations face. Join the REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding for this full-day workshop and discover strategic and practical ways to keep your brand performing at optimum levels.

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