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Prove Results with REBEL Brand ROI

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Prove Results with REBEL Brand ROI

Drive Traffic, Automate Campaigns and Shorten Sales Cycles with REBEL ROI. In a world of digital assets, constantly evolving technology and lots of moving targets, it's easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. There are so many digital strategies out there it can leave even the savviest marketing department wondering what's working, and why?

That's why we designed REBEL Brand ROI programs to track and quantify your online brand performance, so you can just sit back and enjoy the breakthrough results. REBEL ROI programs include Visitor ID, SEO and Automation tools specifically designed to prove your brand's ROI and take the value of your digital assets to a whole new level.


What is REBEL ROI?

In a digital world, we can drive traffic, automate campaigns, shorten sales cycles and prove results. REBEL uses smart technology to target your audiences, qualify leads and help you close business faster.

REBEL ROI programs pair SEO Watch and Promote, Visitor ID and Sales Automation to quantify your brand's exponential results. These tools capture 100% of your digital traffic, automate a customized experience for your audiences, and give you the keys to the kingdom when it comes to focusing on the right leads to close business faster.

Why? Because your time is valuable. Your digital assets; the content you create and resources you put out there are important. And you need relevant data to prove those efforts are getting the right results.


 b2ap3_thumbnail_roi-graph_20150127-223430_1.jpgABOUT REBEL ROI PROGRAMS


roi-seo SEO Watch and Promote

SEO stands for search engine optimization. A number of digital tracking strategies can tell you how your website is performing in search engine results, and increase your site's visibility and traffic. The flip side is making sure that when your audiences click through to your site, they can easily find the relevant information they came for, and it's captivating enough to make them stay there.

To do a decent job of moving the needle, not only do you have to figure out what SEO methods are relevant and driving traffic to your site, but you also have create authentic content with optimized keywords. Staying on top of the frequent changes in SEO algorithms and all this content can be a full time job for the IT and marketing departments combined. But with REBEL as your agency partner, it's handled!! Our technology supports your team through the wild, wild world of SEO, while driving traffic and qualified leads right to your site.

With REBEL ROI programs in place, your only job is to continue doing what you do best: sell to your customers. What a relief! You don't have to become an overnight expert in algorithms.


roi-visitorid Visitor ID

Visitor ID captures all of your digital leads by tracking your customers and potential customers. You will receive daily emails showing who has been to your site and their digital footprint. Visitor ID captures 100% of your anonymous and known traffic on a daily basis, and puts leads directly in your inbox.

Instead of anonymous visitors or generic numbers, you will see who's visiting your site and what they're reading. This plays right into the real magic of REBEL ROI: Sales Automation.


b2ap3_thumbnail_roi-salesautomation-1.jpg REBEL Sales Automation

REBEL Automation includes targeted campaigns to improve a visitor's experience every time they visit your site. By increasing traffic to your site and marketing directly to your target audiences, you can engage leads at critical points in their unique buying process and convert more leads into sales.

How does it work? Sales automation takes your site from traditional 'brochure' information to dynamic website content that is personalized for every visitor. You move your visitors one step closer to the point of sale by targeting them with automated campaigns that matter to them. For example, if a lead visits your site for the first time, automated campaigns can offer them a white paper or educational material. If a lead's score indicates they are ready to buy, they will see a call-to-action prompt while your team gets an alert to close the sale.

Lead scoring, automation and comprehensive reports provide all the information you need to measure your campaign success and accurately forecast future performance.

Don't leave this up to your IT deserve an agency partner dedicated to making your head spin! 


Contact REBEL for Your ROI Discovery Session Today.

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