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SEO Best Practices

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SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must when it comes to promoting your online assets and digital brand. But there are so many SEO tips out there. To help you get a better handle on the matter, we asked our award-winning REBEL web developers to share their best advice.

There are about 50 total triggers in an SEO audit, but these are the most important.

Every page needs a unique title tag

These should be short, focused, and under 70 characters. If it's a local company website, be sure to include the city name and state in the title tags. The title tag should represent what the page is about.

Every page needs a unique meta description

These are descriptive sentences that describe what the page is about. These aren't super important but it doesn't hurt to have them. They should be written like ad copy, enticing searchers to click on the link.

Every page needs an H1 Tag

An H1 tag is the code for your Heading 1 text. An H1 tag should be the focal point of the page. Very similar to the Title tag, but use different words. If you're going to use more H tags, make sure they go in numerical order down the page....H1, H2, H3, H4, H5. *Please note, use only 1 H1 tag per page.

Every page needs unique content

Words, search engines like them. The more words, the more the search robots can understand what that page is about. You don't need thousands of words, but rather, hundreds. When a robot comes across your site they first look at the Title, then the Meta Description, then the H1 Tags, then the body of content, like a funnel. If these are all focused, and work together, that's a great page.

All images need ALT text

These tags tell search robots what the images are about. Again, try and keep the image alt tags focused like the Title, Meta Description, H1, etc.

Every website needs a sitemap.xml file

This is a sitemap file that tells the robots what your website is about in a nutshell. It also allows for quick indexing of your new pages, posts, links, etc.

Internal Linking

Link to other blog posts or pages within your content. This is great for search engine robots who crawl your page, come across a link, then follow that link to more content on your site.


Main Objective:

Become the source

Become the best, go-to resource for your industry. If your site becomes the most linked to, most valuable, most referenced, and most respected site in your industry, you will win, and you can't do that without content.


Contact REBEL for a Discovery Session

For breakthrough results, consider becoming a REBEL ROI client. REBEL ROI includes SEO Watch and Promote, Daily Visitor ID and Campaign Automation.

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