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Spotting the Four Employee Brand Types

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Spotting the Four Employee Brand Types

By MJ McBride

For 16 years, REBEL INTERACTIVE has been helping companies align their people, culture and vision. To turn an organization's focus internally, we often pull out a simple chart to illustrate the four personal brand types among employees. Learn how to spot these employee brand types in your organization - and whether they're helping or hurting your culture. 

There are Four Types of Employee Brands

Last week, I presented an "Ignite! Your Brand" workshop for a group of entrepreneurs and Nebraska business owners from EO Nebraska. We covered all the brand management basics, such as: "Branding is the bold promise and delivery of a unique experience," "Brands are just like people," and "Everything you do and say is either brand-enhancing or brand-damaging." I also shared this chart for spotting "Employee Brand Types." Now the follow up questions about how to manage these employees are rolling in.



This chart helps identify how well your employees embrace your brand and fit your culture, compared to their performance ability and productivity level.


Find Out Who's Helping or Hurting Your Brand from the Inside

REBEL put together these recommendations for spotting and managing the four employee brand types within your organization.

1. Learn to Spot the Four Employee Brand Types

  • Breakthrough Employees: These employees not only have rock star talent, they are also your greatest brand champions. Keep them growing!
  • Maybe Employees: The ability to do a job can almost always be learned, and for the right employees who align with your brand and enhance your culture, it's worth every effort to help them grow.
  • Loser Employees: If an employee continuously underperforms and goes against the grain, they rob everyone else.
  • Letdown Employees: If an employee outperforms others, we sometimes look the other way when they disrespect the brand or taint the culture. However, these are the folks we recommend escorting to your competitors. Their aggressive performance will never make up for the destruction they cause. They are the number one threat to building brand equity, and will poison your culture.

2. Discuss the Personal Brand Types with Your Employees

REBEL encourages managers to meet with employees and have both the manager and employee place the employee on the chart. Your best insights will come from discussing any variance between your answers.

In most cases, an employee will be harder on themselves than their bosses. In this case, the conversation will have an empowering context. However, in cases where the manager and the employee don't agree, the culture conflict requires immediate attention.

3. Craft Your Brand Culture with a REBEL Ignite!

Employees are the heartbeat of your brand; delivering your brand promise to your customers every single day. REBEL Ignite! programs are designed to shift the internal spirit of your team, and strengthen attitudes and behaviors around achieving common goals.

Learn More 

These brand culture training programs take place in a collaborative workshop setting, diving deep into communication, customer interaction, and customized, industry-relevant topics. Aligning your employees to deliver a consistent experience can be a challenge, but when achieved, it's the single most valuable business investment you can make. 

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