Keep your brand at the top of its game. Discover ways to define, manage and produce breakthrough results for your company. Don't miss the REBEL Professional Service Firms' Brand Huddle!


REBEL Breakthrough Branding™ is an approach designed to keep even the pros on their toes. To stay in the game, all brands must continually look for ways to build and break through to the next level.


At this REBEL Brand Huddle, we'll address the unique branding challenges that professional service firms face. Join the REBEL Thought Leaders in Branding for this full-day workshop and discover strategic and practical ways to keep your brand performing at optimum levels.


Whether your business has just joined the game, made it to halftime or you're working towards your first title, join us for this year's Professional Service Firm's Brand Huddle .


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Thursday, February 4, 2016, 9am to 4pm


The Game Plan


 Warm Up + Welcome

This warm up session provides an overview of REBEL's Breakthrough Branding Approach and covers the day's activities. You will discover ways to define, manage and produce breakthrough brand results. We'll huddle about the ways your brand can build: 

- greater visibility and engagement with your audiences
- internal alignment around your brand
- increased profits 
- and more!


Session 1: Internal Brand Strategy

Is your brand in alignment? Does your brand make a bold promise and deliver an authentic experience? Do 10 out of 10 people in your company understand your brand, and are they Brand Champions?

In Brand Huddle Session 1, learn the plays that build internal brand alignment to continually ignite your brand champions. We'll focus on:

• the power of branding
• how to distinguish the four types of brands;
• tips to avoid fumbles that lower your brand's status, and
• how to quarterback this ongoing process using your brand soul


LUNCH Provided



Session 2: External Brand Management

Breakthrough brands know how to maximize resources and maintain brand momentum. Because everything you say and do is either brand-enhancing or brand-damaging, your brand needs to be carefully managed to avoid penalty flags from your audiences. Session 2 is all about implementing your brand agenda so you can achieve breakthrough results. Discover how professionally designed campaigns, websites, videos, social media, spaces and events work together to bring your breakthrough brand to life.


 Session 3: Brand ROI

Why punt when you can strategically drive traffic, automate campaigns, shorten sales cycles and prove results? During Session 3, discover how smart technology can help you target the right audiences, qualify leads and close business faster. REBEL Brand ROI tools capture 100% of your digital traffic and automate a customized experience for your website visitors, while honing in on the most qualified leads. With REBEL Brand ROI tools, your online assets score a touchdown every time.


4pm | Tailgate

Community Happy Hour starts at 4 – Invite Your Friends, Too!


Registration Information

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FIRMS' BRAND HUDDLE full-day ticket is $449. Please fill out the information below, and click Register. You will be prompted to make an online payment.