Branding Workshops for Companies & Nonprofits

REBEL Be Your Brand Workshops get everyone on the same page.

MJ guides professional organizations through a proven Breakthrough Branding™ methodology that provides clear paths to being your most authentic brand internally, and ignites the confidence to boldly share your brand externally.

Company Benefits:

  • Brand clarity - What's our brand? 
  • Create a culture of brand champions
  • Brand loyalty internally and externally
  • Brand consistency through all communications
  • Increase brand equity and profitability

Nonprofit Benefits:

  • Brand clarity - What's our brand? 
  • Greater visibility and credibility
  • Volunteer board/team participation and productivity
  • Brand consistency through all communications
  • Build a bigger donor base

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Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level

Agency Partner and REBEL Brand Evangelist, MJ McBride, has launched her new book Personal Brand Power, adapted from the REBEL seminar series, Access to Personal Brand Power (APBP). MJ's inspirational workshops and now the companion book are helping thousands of people to uncover their natural personal brand power and take their lives to the next level!

In the book, you'll meet several thriving Personal Brands and learn from their journeys as you define your own personal brand, step by step. For a limited time, we invite you to request a complimentary e-copy.

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