What is REBEL Care?

Client Service is automatic when you're covered by REBEL Care. We offer hourly service packages used in 15-minute sessions for ongoing, on-demand services. When you request service, billable activities are logged and time is deducted from your account balance. When you're running out of REBEL Care we proactively invite you to purchase more.

Requesting Service

REBEL will guarantee any service request submitted through our ticket system, activated when you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. With an online ticket, your request is copied to the entire team, prioritized, assigned to the next available REBEL, and guaranteed.

What's Billable Time?

Any online, text, phone and face-to-face communication, administration, travel, creative and production is billable time. REBEL Care may be used for any hourly services.

Purchase REBEL Care

To make an online payment please click on the amount of hours you would like to purchase.

1 Hour 5 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours

Fine Print

REBEL Care Packages are active the day payment is received. Hours do not expire. Refunds will not be issued. Hours may be used for hourly services. Hours do not apply to: retainers, hosting, domain names, ssl certificates, postage, printing, media buys and software/hardware purchases.

REBEL Hosting

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Why Should I Host with REBEL? 

REBEL Hosting keeps your online assets in one safe place. Our basic hosting package includes 3 hours of hosting maintenance, routine backups, standard firewall protection, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a trusted hosting partner to manage your website. Adding REBEL Firewall to your basic hosting offers enhanced security to proactively protect your site from hacks and spam. Don't lose time or money by making security an afterthought. Minimize risk with our expanded firewall protection.