REBEL Videos get to the heart of your brand.

Deliver the story of your brand in a way that people are programmed to receive. Video can reach more people with your brand message more often; using sight, sound, motion, and emotion to ignite action.


Video for Business

Every brand has a story.

“About Us” videos add the human element to your brand and allow your customers to get hooked on your people and your services. What makes your brand stand out? Distill it down into a concise video message and serve it up for your potential customers any time of day.


When this upscale restaurant wanted to find the best way to convey their upgraded dining experience, video was able to reach thousands overnight. REBEL produced this 3-part video series to share Executive Chef Anthony Kueper’s unique vision and motivation for the reinspired Dolce.


Baird Holm | We're Just Getting Started

Seim Johnson | Solutions with Vision

Oldenhuis Contracting | Custom Built Impressions

Video for Nonprofits

Touching hearts, hitting goals.

The fastest way to reach your nonprofits fundraising goal is through compelling video. Whether you’re planning a gala event, fundraising campaign, or meeting donors face to face, video can convey your mission better than any other form of media.

American Heart Association | Jaime's Story

Community 360 | Trusted Volunteers

Voices for Children | 2015 Spotlight Awards

Product Videos

Video can demonstrate, relate, and elevate your product line.

If you’re launching a new product or cranking up the promotional firepower of your current product offerings, REBEL Video can demonstrate product features, show how things work, and distinguish your product’s advantages.


Phillips Manufacturing | The Best Corner Bead on the Market

Sirius | Your Fairy Tech Mother

Social Media Video

Engage, Interact, Profit

Sharing video content on social media enhances your customer’s experience and interaction with your brand. It also has a much better chance of showing up on follower’s newsfeeds and being shared than images or text alone. Leverage your brand’s fan base and give them the interactive content they crave.

REBEL Yell | Game Night

Piezons | U-Turn Thursday
Curb Appeal | Vote for Troy!


Who’s watching what and when?

Know the answer to “is this working?” with up to the minute video analytics. See who’s watching your videos and what parts are being re-watched over and over again.

video analytics sharpspring video stats