Breakthrough Brands

REBEL is a digital branding agency specializing in brand momentum.


Branding Approach

Our breakthrough methodology produces exponential results.

Brand Strategy

When your internal brand strategy is authentic, your people become your greatest brand assets and will naturally deliver on your brand promise.


Brand Management

As a branding agency, we build momentum by managing brand-enhancing assets: campaigns, websites, videos, social media, events and spaces.

Ignite! Programs

Because living the branding is everyone’s responsibility, we offer programs by department or by key initiative to inspire brand loyalty in every effort.

What does branding mean to you?

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Featured Breakthrough Brands

Branding creates exceptional internal and external value.


Nebraska Cultural Endowment

Getting people to understand what they do, in less than three paragraphs. As the private partner in a public private partnership with the state of Nebraska, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment promotes culture throughout Nebraska by supporting the arts and humanities. Part of their battle was to clearly define who they are and what they do and be able to explain that to people in a way they would easily understand.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Brand Background
The branding process began with background research, interviewing the Nebraska Cultural Endowment's community about the challenges and opportunities the organization faces and what the future might hold.

Branding Workshop
The branding workshop offered the opportunity to dive even deeper into what their passions and values are and how they want to be perceived tomorrow.

Think Tank
During a creative Think Tank, the endowment's breakthrough brand surfaced: Arts + Humanities = Livelihood. Because the arts and humanities are more than just the interesting, cultural things we want to be a part of our lives. They're our livelihood. And just like that, a once complex concept was simplified into one word that explained it all.

Brand Management

Logo Development
Their logo highlights their breakthrough brand and plays tribute to Nebraska with prairie-inspired design elements.

Print Design
We created a look and feel for the Nebraska Cultural Endowment’s new brand that we could bring to life across multiple collateral, including presentation graphics, flyers, e-blasts, annual reports, program ads, and brochures.

Social Media
To help bring their brand to life, we helped launch a social media program highlighting the importance of the arts and humanities across Nebraska. In addition to identifying and setting up appropriate platforms and creating and managing an editorial calendar, we launched a blog that features and promotes a different Nebraskan each week who is making the arts and humanities their livelihood.

Video Series
We created one video to bring the humanities side of the Nebraska Cultural Endowment’s support to life, and one for the arts side. Another video explained what their “All for the Match” campaign entails in a way that would be easy for people to digest, and a fourth brought their campaign to life with creative storytelling and the stop-motion video technique.

Breakthrough Results

Arts + Humanities Livelihood

Today, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment is working to increase visibility and engage Nebraskans in their cause. We've partnered with the organization in their quest, and since their brand launch, they have raised millions in campaign funding and have engaged the greater public in the great work they do as a nonprofit.

In this case, the power of branding is exponentially endowing arts and humanities in Nebraska. REBEL is our full partner and has helped us define our brand and raise millions of dollars that will be matched and continue to fund the arts and humanities.


Spin Linen Management

A Modern Image. Known to the community as Spic & Span for more than 85 years, the company's name was no longer working for their brand. We set out to help Spic & Span rebrand for modern times while keeping the alliteration in their name.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Branding Workshop
The branding workshop offered the opportunity to dive even deeper into what their passions and values are and how they want to be perceived tomorrow.

Brand Management

Logo Development
It’s modern, clean, and it looks great spinning. Perfect!

We built a website ready to house video, allow people to connect with them on social media, and push out content on a blogging platform.

Truck Fleet Design
Spin Linen’s new truck fleet was nice, and we wanted to help them with the show and tell. Their trucks are now branded and easily identifiable around Omaha.

Social Media
We helped Spin Linen launch their presence on Facebook, complete with a content strategy.

Breakthrough Results

Stay Clean

Since their breakthrough brand was launched, Spin has continued to put effort into their brand equity. They signed on for a REBEL partner program to receive regular support with their efforts, such as keeping the web design updated, making sure new content is consistently available to their customers, managing social media platforms and SEO, and creating videos that explain Spin's thorough linen management process.

I love our re-brand and how well REBEL managed the transformation from the past to the present. It's like we've always been Spin Linen - the leaders in modern linen management.

Curb Appeal Salon & Spa

A Seamless Brand Transformation. When Sarah joined on as co-owner of Fringes Salon and Spa in the Old Market, current owner Troy knew that the newly formed partnership was an opportunity to upgrade the brand's strategy and start fresh. Once Troy and Sara committed to a name change, the challenge was managing all the aspects of a complete brand transformation with confidence.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Branding Workshop
REBEL begins internally, with the brand's people. The Curb Appeal team is collectively passionate about anything being possible. Their culture values caring for people and endless education. Their vision for the future is to provide awakening experiences. Based off this brand soul and a REBEL Think Tank, Curb Appeal's bold promise and breakthrough was clear: to provide an urban, edgy experience.

Name Change
Considering years of earned brand equity, REBEL renamed the company Curb Appeal Salon and Spa, a name that connects their location with their audience and brings their brand to life.

Brand Management

Brand Assets
REBEL developed the new Urban Edgy look and feel, including its logo, environmental branding, cards, brochures, a responsive website, video series, photography, advertising, social media, and events.

Ignite! Programs

Brand-Enhancing Culture
Brands thrive when everyone's on-brand. REBEL hosts ongoing team-building workshops to enroll new employees and re-inspire the team to ignite transformation organically for exponential results.

Breakthrough Results

Urban Edgy

In less than 6 months, Troy and Sarah successfully transitioned to Curb Appeal Salon and Spa: a new, vibrant, and exciting Urban Edgy salon where clients can find and awaken their individual Curb Appeal.

With REBEL, we were able to re-name, upgrade and completely transform our brand with rapid buy-in from staff and clients.




Marketing and Sales Support. Travelex wanted a cohesive concept that clearly demonstrated their value proposition to be brought to life through a brand video, sales presentation, and proposal template.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Think Tank
To their customers in the travel industry, Travelex truly is the "x" factor, taking sales from ordinary to extraordinary by offering travel insurance protection as a value-added service. It's for these reasons we launched the concept, "Travelex: We're Your ExFactor," which also plays on the "ex" in "Travelex."

Brand Management

Design Look and Feel
The first step in the process was creating the look and voice of the campaign to be carried throughout all of the pieces consistently.

Once we had the design down, the materials needed to be created in such a way that Travelex would be able to easily customize them for specific customers and specific needs.

Breakthrough Results

We’re Your ExFactor

The result was a sharp sales campaign with a strong concept, vibrant look, and consistent voice that speaks volumes to Travelex's customers and supports their brand strengths: experienced people, exceptional customer care, and extra profits.

Our ExFactor campaign has fired up our sales team and made it easier for them to present our integrated campaign promise. Bottom line, we're meeting our marketing team's goal and winning more new business because of it.


Metro Community College

Positioning and Marketing a New Division. MCC approached us with the opportunity to brand their Workforce Innovation Division, which exists to give people the tools they need in real life to make a difference.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Brand Background
The branding process began with background research, interviewing MCC’s community about the challenges and opportunities the institution faces and what the future might hold.

Branding Workshop
The branding workshop included key community connectors from the Greater Omaha Area, and it gave us the opportunity to dive even deeper into what Omahans are passionate about, what we value, and what our goals are for the future.

Brand Management

We scripted and shot a video that depicted a young man working in a creative space, who is suddenly struck with a groundbreaking idea after a series of frames that showed world-altering, life-changing images and scenes in American history. The purpose was to show that innovation is a mindset, and when you have people who want to change the world, if they have the tools and environment they need, innovation happens.

Breakthrough Results

IN | Innovation Now

The result is community buy-in, a clear strategy to move forward with and some collateral to help bring the division’s brand to life.

With REBEL's Ignite Programs, we’ve launched the next thing in education, by branding the idea of innovative workforce education - now.



Bluestone Development

Identity and Brand Strategy. Bluestone Development needed a clear identity to make everything clear internally and externally so that strategic, brand-enhancing decisions would be easy to make.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Think Tank
Bluestone owner and developer Christian Christensen is all about cool places, and he’s a proud, self-proclaimed “geek” when it comes to such spaces. Think the 9ines, Joslyn Lofts, and SoMa. REBEL worked with Christian to create a brand that was naturally and authentically Bluestone, and the result was Geeky Cool.

Breakthrough Results

Geeky Cool

The resulting brand is one that Bluestone Development now brings to live through everything they do, from hiring employees to choosing where to build new developments.

Bluestone projects are leasing with a "Geeky Cool" waiting list. Our developments are gaining approval faster and faster. Internally, our brand is guiding our decision-making process.


The Home Company

New Company, Fresh Start. When The Home Company launched, one of the first items on their agenda was to work with REBEL to create a strategy and look that would reflect their brand and ideologies.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Brand Background
The branding process began with background research, interviewing The Home Company’s community about the challenges and opportunities the organization faces and what the future might hold.

Branding Workshop
The branding workshop offered the opportunity to dive even deeper into what their passions and values are and how they want to be perceived tomorrow.

Think Tank
The Home Company values innovation, creativity and authentic communication. They are passionate about building awesome homes for awesome people, and their vision for the future is to create places that change the way you live. It's for these reasons we loved Feel at Home as their brand.

Brand Management

Website Development
Once we had the brand down, we worked to create a website that would bring their soft, warm vibe to life: think dreamy, homey vignettes and feelings. Their goals were to establish value in the marketplace, enhance credibility, showcase their brand, and easily access content and analytics.

Social Media Strategy
The Home Company also wanted to showcase their portfolio and get referrals through social media. We brought their brand to life across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz and helped create a strategy for each medium.

Sight, sound, motion, emotion! With the soft, warm feel of The Home Company’s brand, their video was a sinch. We interviewed small children drawing their dream homes and created a video that will win over anybody and brings their brand soul to life at the same time.

Breakthrough Results

Feel at Home

Between the clear brand strategy, soft, glowy look and feel, new website, social media strategy, and video, The Home Company’s new brand indeed does make people Feel at Home.

We’re exceeding the number of homes we’re building this year over last with a breakthrough brand that helps us stand out and attract awesome people who want to build awesome homes.



Baird Holm

A Modern Look and Feel. Baird Holm approached us to upgrade their communications a couple of levels and leave a memorable, fresh, and differentiated impression in the industry.

Brand Momentum

Brand Strategy

Think Tank
REBEL met with Baird Holm on several occasions to discuss and pinpoint direction, goals, and strategy. The Baird Holm experience is one that should come off as welcoming, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, youthful, and memorable, and appeal to companies that might typically look to either coast for a partnership.

Brand Management

We developed a consistent design and theme to be carried throughout presentation templates, email templates, event invitations and newsletters, brochures, ad decks, and a website.

Web Development
Baird Holm needed a website that would perform complex functions seamlessly, including an attorney search, newsletter and article management, event management, and heavy content management. In addition, we needed to bring their upgraded look into play as well as a complete content overhaul.

Breakthrough Results

A Modern Approach to Law

The result is a fresh, sharp, and modern new look and feel for the law firm that recently celebrated 140 years. We continue to work with Baird Holm on campaigns that keep their brand fresh and relevant.

With our REBEL team, we were able to capitalize on our 140th year, and relaunch a modern look and feel that represents our friendly and personalized approach to every client.

Start your brand transformation, today.

Branding is the bold promise and delivery of an experience.

By nature, brands are dynamic. With everything we do and say, we have the opportunity to build or fragment our brands. At REBEL we help brands breakthrough to become more valued, respected and premium brands. How is your brand preforming today? We can help you progress from: a generic, to a commodity, to a differentiated premium brand.  Letdown brands, need authenticity to thrive. Loser brands are lost. Maybe brands need the confidence to breakthrough and become a premium. Breakhrough brands are real, genuine and authentic; they need to be carefully managed as your most valuable internal and external asset.


How do people experience your brand?



"false promises"

We experience a letdown when something is over-priced, over-promised or over-promoted – then falls short. Letdown brands are manipulative and aggressive. The result: most people will automatically reject these brands in the future and go out of their way to share their brand-damaging experience.



"simple bribery"

Many people are cautious when a brand is deeply discounted. Loser brands rely on bribery, like two-for-one specials, time-sensitive offers and generic packaging. When the promise fails, we quickly learn to avoid these brands in the future. The result: loser brands are the first to drop out of the market.



"real potential"

Most companies, organizations, destinations, products, services and personal brands deliver a maybe experience – most of the time. These brands are real, genuine and charismatic, yet they lack the clarity and confidence to focus on one bold promise that people will value. The result: lack of momentum.



"give me more!"

When brands commit to a real and genuine bold promise, then create an experience that brings that promise to life – two things happen. First, the brand speaks to and attracts only the people who are going to value it; and secondly, the transformation is from "just another brand" to a premium asset.

Know Us When You Meet Us!


Corey Birkmann

Interactive Director

Corey oversees agency creative and manages team resources to implement modern best practices in everything interactive. With over a decade of experience in in web development and design, Corey’s specializes in the user experience from inception to execution and pushes boundaries to ensure a project’s sustainability as it relates to both design and functionality.


Nate Gasaway

Video Producer

Nate guides our client partners through the video production process from conceptual discussions to directing to post-production editing, and captures the essence of every authentic brand story through his lens. Using sight, sound, motion, and emotion, Nate delivers professionally-produced videos that inspire, entertain, engage, and inform.


MJ McBride

Agency Partner

Among today’s most passionate thought leaders in branding, MJ is a tour de force of brand consulting with 25+ years of experience distinguishing Breakthrough Brands. MJ consults with organizations, communities and individuals to develop and capitalize on their brands through workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements. MJ’s clients experience the brand clarity and confidence necessary to build exponential brand momentum.


Caroline McBride

Chic in Charge, Founder

As the founder and a Rebel partner, Caroline oversees all aspects of agency operations and client engagement.  Caroline works with the Rebel team to make sure the agency is running as smoothly as possible and that our services continue to meet and exceed client needs. Caroline places a strong focus on client relationships, team engagement, and maximizing the agency’s inviting, creative atmosphere.


Jess Meadows

Brand Manager

Every brand strategy and brand management program needs a lead communicator to spearhead direction, manage progress, and report on deliverables. Jess has more than 15 years of experience as a marketing and advertising professional and specializes in helping our client partners clearly define and achieve goals and measure results.


Anna Backhaus

Content Manager

Anna brings brands to life by creating rich, relevant content as Content Manager. Anna specializes in building solid website and social media marketing and communications through in-depth research, delivering effective written strategies and services for our clients.


Dana Oltman

Interactive Designer

As both a talented artist and designer, Dana puts an original spin on traditional aesthetics. Carefully considering brand standards, typography, color palettes, and modern design styles and practices, Dana produces a brand’s cohesive look across all mediums including print, collateral, advertisements, websites, and social media.




Bella is the REBEL pup, closer and agency lucky charm. Bella was rescued from the Nebraska Humane Society by Caroline a couple years back. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. People stop in all the time to say "hi" to Bella - we thought it was funny the first time, but now it's a thing...