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REBEL is a digital branding agency specializing in brand momentum.


Branding Approach

Our breakthrough branding methodology produces exponential results.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

When your internal brand strategy is authentic, your people become your greatest brand assets and will naturally deliver on your brand promise.

Brand Strategy


Brand Management

As a branding agency, we build momentum by managing brand-enhancing assets: campaigns, websites, videos, social media, events and spaces.

Brand Management


Brand ROI

In a digital world, we can shorten sales cycles and prove results. Our ROI program includes SEO watch and promote, Visitor ID and marketing automation.

Brand ROI

Featured Breakthrough Brands

Branding creates exceptional internal and external value.



The Ultimate Fit

When your goal is to be downtown Omaha’s ultimate urban fitness club, it takes internal brand champions, targeted campaign results, a branded environment, and an ongoing commitment to being “The Ultimate Fit.”


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From Dirt to Development

When you care the most, you deserve the best. REBEL and Boyer Young teamed up to create one of the most impressive development websites in the market today. This fully editable lot solution, is responsive, and full of google maps bells and whistles.
RESULTS: Site useage is up “200%”




Getting people to understand what they do, in less than three paragraphs.

As the private partner in a public private partnership with the state of Nebraska, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment promotes culture throughout Nebraska by supporting the arts and humanities. Part of their battle was to clearly define who they are and what they do and be able to explain that to people in a way they would easily understand.

In this case, the power of branding is exponentially endowing arts and humanities in Nebraska. REBEL is our full partner and has helped us define our brand and raise millions of dollars that will be matched and continue to fund the arts and humanities.




Every brand has it's successor, this one happens to be named "Spin."

Known to the community as Spic & Span for more than 85 years, this brand name was ready to retire. After a REBEL Brand Audit, Workshop, and Think Tank, Spin Linen Management was adopted and meticulously rolled out with every customer touch point.

Today, with a shiny new name that compliments their automated cleaning process, the leaders in modern linen management are focused on customer retention strategies, reminding everyone to Stay Clean.


spin-brochure-bizcards-thumbspin-letterhead-thumbSpin-Linen-Mockups-thumb spin-truck-thumbspin-videos-thumb



A Seemless Brand Transformation.

When Sarah joined on as co-owner of Fringes Salon and Spa in the Old Market, current owner Troy knew that the newly formed partnership was an opportunity to upgrade the brand's strategy and start fresh. Once Troy and Sara committed to a name change, the challenge was managing all the aspects of a complete brand transformation with confidence.


With REBEL, we were able to re-name, upgrade and completely transform our brand with rapid buy-in from staff and clients.




Branded Campaign Assets for Sales Support.

Travelex Insurance Services, a global leader in travel insurance wanted a cohesive campaign to help their sales team clearly demonstrate their value proposition. REBEL created brand assets for an integrated sales campaign positioning Travelex as a travel agency's ExFactor.

Our ExFactor campaign has fired up our sales team and made it easier for them to present our integrated campaign promise. Bottom line, we're meeting our marketing team's goal and winning more new business because of it.




Positioning and Marketing a New Division.

MCC approached us with the opportunity to brand their Workforce Innovation Division, which exists to give people the tools they need in real life to make a difference.

With REBEL's Ignite Programs, we’ve launched the next thing in education, by branding the idea of innovative workforce education - now.





We all need a place to call home, but only the "Geeky Cool" among us will live in a Bluestone.

It started with a conversation about standing out. "MJ, how can branding help Bluestone Development? We're just a development company. People only care about our projects."

Response: Really?

Through our Brand Soul process, REBEL sees a Bluestone unique from everyone else! We see people who are passionate about having fun, who value creating cool spaces, and are thinking way into the future by – obsessively looking for the missing obvious! The "Geeky Cool" brand is now driving Bluestone's beyond cool apartments and creating a premium brand we all hope to experience, one way or another.


Bluestone projects are leasing with a "Geeky Cool" waiting list. Our developments are gaining approval faster and faster. Internally, our brand is guiding our decision-making process.









New Company, Fresh Start.

When The Home Company launched, one of the first items on their agenda was to work with REBEL to create a strategy and look that would reflect their brand and ideologies.

We’re exceeding the number of homes we’re building this year over last with a breakthrough brand that helps us stand out and attract awesome people who want to build awesome homes.





A Modern Look and Feel.

Baird Holm approached us to upgrade their communications a couple of levels and leave a memorable, fresh, and differentiated impression in the industry.

With our REBEL team, we were able to capitalize on our 140th year, and relaunch a modern look and feel that represents our friendly and personalized approach to every client.


Start your brand transformation, today.

Branding is the bold promise and delivery of an experience.

By nature, brands are dynamic. Everything we do and say, is either brand enhancing or brand damaging. At REBEL, we inspire brands to break through to become more valued, respected and premium brands.

How is your brand performing today? With the right Brand Strategy and Brand Management program, REBEL can build brand momentum and deliver exponential results.

Breakthrough Brands are real, genuine and authentic; they need to be carefully managed as your most valuable internal and external asset. Maybe Brands need confidence and momentum to become premium brands. Letdown Brands need authenticity and clarity to thrive. Loser Brands are lost.


How do people experience your brand?

Take the Brand Quiz



"false promises"

We experience a letdown when something is over-priced, over-promised or over-promoted – then falls short. Letdown brands are manipulative and aggressive. The result: most people will automatically reject these brands in the future and go out of their way to share their brand-damaging experience.



"simple bribery"

Many people are cautious when a brand is deeply discounted. Loser brands rely on bribery, like two-for-one specials, time-sensitive offers and generic packaging. When the promise fails, we quickly learn to avoid these brands in the future. The result: loser brands are the first to drop out of the market.



"real potential"

Most companies, organizations, destinations, products, services and personal brands deliver a maybe experience – most of the time. These brands are real, genuine and charismatic, yet they lack the clarity and confidence to focus on one bold promise that people will value. The result: lack of momentum.



"give me more!"

When brands commit to a real and genuine bold promise, then create an experience that brings that promise to life – two things happen. First, the brand speaks to and attracts only the people who are going to value it; and secondly, the transformation is from "just another brand" to a premium asset.

Ignite! Programs inspire internal brand loyalty.

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Know Us When You Meet Us!


Corey Birkmann

Interactive Director

Corey oversees agency creative and manages team resources to implement modern best practices in everything interactive. With over a decade of experience in web development and design, Corey specializes in the user experience from inception to execution and pushes boundaries to ensure a project’s sustainability as it relates to both design and functionality.


Nate Gasaway

Creative Director

Nate oversees the agency's creative process, leading the REBELs and our clients to that magic place where imagery and brand story intersect, bringing the brand to life. Nate's creative leadership ensures that the look and feel of every breakthrough brand makes just the right experiential impact. He plays a key role in the Brand Strategy process, using video production skills to capture the essence of every authentic brand story through his lens. From conceptual discussions to directing to post-production editing, Nate uses sight, sound, motion and emotion to deliver professionally-produced videos that inspire, entertain, engage and inform.


MJ McBride

Global Brand Evangelist, Agency Founder

Among today's most passionate thought leaders in branding, MJ is a tour de force of brand consulting with 25+ years of experience distinguishing Breakthrough Brands. MJ consults with entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits, communities and individuals to help them develop and capitalize on their brands. MJ leads inspiring workshops, seminars and speaking engagements so clients can experience the brand clarity and confidence necessary to build their exponential brand momentum.


MJ on Branding

The 4 types of brands

Brand enhancing vs. Brand damaging


Caroline McBride

Chic in Charge, Agency Founder

As our REBEL founder and Chic in Charge, Caroline oversees all aspects of client background, agency operations and client engagement. Caroline ensures the agency is running smoothly and that our service levels continue to exceed our client needs. Caroline places a strong focus on client relationships, team engagement, and maximizing the agency's inviting, creative atmosphere. In addition to REBEL, Caroline is an active member of the community, holding positions on the Downtown Omaha Improvement (DID) Board and Rows at SOMA Homeowners Association Board. She also volunteers for the Nebraska Food Co-op and the Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue (with Bella!).


Jess Anderson

Brand Manager

Every brand strategy and brand management program needs a lead communicator to spearhead direction, manage progress, and report on deliverables. Jess has more than 15 years of experience as a marketing and advertising professional and specializes in helping our clients clearly achieve their goals.


Dana Oltman

Interactive Designer

As both a talented artist and designer, Dana puts an original spin on traditional aesthetics. Carefully considering brand standards, typography, color palettes, and modern design styles and practices, Dana produces a brand’s cohesive look across all mediums including print, collateral, advertisements, websites, and social media.

Danny Pachman

Danny Pachman

Intern Extraordinaire

Danny navigates the world on his unicycle, striving to reach the next level in video production, web development, music production, juggling, inline skating, and spacecraft piloting. He currently studies IT Innovation at the University of Nebraska - Omaha.




Bella is the REBEL pup, closer and agency lucky charm. Bella was rescued from the Nebraska Humane Society by Caroline a couple years back. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. People stop in all the time to say "hi" to Bella - we thought it was funny the first time, but now it's a thing...

josh bucy

Josh Bucy

Agency Navigator

As the REBEL Agency Navigator, Josh ensures that agency communication is open and free-flowing at all times, supporting the design team in all creative aspects. Josh is excited to help create products that REBEL clients never envisioned possible, resulting in solutions they are proud of and excited to use. With a background in Digital Design and Development, Josh prides himself on a design style that is simple, clean and elegant. In print and digital projects, he strives to maximize contrast and legibility from all distances. Josh derives satisfaction from delivering on a promise.

Maddy Wahl

Maddy Wahl


With more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communications, Maddy polishes content to promote the right messages for brands of all kinds. Working collaboratively with the REBEL Designers, Brand Managers and Agency Partners, Maddy focuses on writing, wordsmithing and editorial planning to push branded content to the next level.